Saturday, July 25, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con 2009

What a crazy busy week back after a week off! Had just a few days back before we had to head down to San Diego for Comic-con. Thursday afternoon we checked out MGM's Stargate booth on the exhibition floor. Snapped a photo of me near the Stargate, and checked that the form we setup for people to get exclusive Comic-con downloads was working. It was (is). Wandered around the exhibition floor with another member of the Stargate team, before we had to go to the hotel and get ready for the Stargate universe launch party.

The launch party was pretty spectacular. Especially for those of us who aren't normally associated with the promotional aspects of working on Stargate. Jonathan and I decided not to be shy, and introduced ourselves to much of the cast and Robert Cooper and Brad Wright. A good conversation was had with Rob about how best we can keep the site interesting for the fans. Elyse looked spectacular in a lovely pink dress (easy to pick out of the crowd). Brian J. Smith was very nice, although didn't get a long chat with him. Spoke for a while with David Blue, and I've decided that he's probably going to be my favorite. Both his character on the show, and the actor himself are someone I can relate too. David is very charming in person, and very good looking! I even got a wave goodbye when I was leaving the party late that night! (yes fangirl squeee!)

We had a good talk with Robert Carlyle (always loved his acting, so was quite shy about introducing myself.. had my boss introduce us!) and Alaina Huffman (she's even more beautiful in person) about them possibly helping us out with occasional blog posts or Q&A's for the site. Robert Carlyle has an amazing accent, I truly had to concentrate, and was thankful I'd decided not to drink.

The members of my team that could go to the party loved it. It was just so wonderful we were invited, and we feel like we also KNOW these people. We look at them every day, watch video's of them talking, and now they know who we are too!

Jonathan and I walked past Robert Cooper on the street before the party, and both of us almost waved him down... until we remembered he wouldn't know who we were. We told him that when we were at the party, and he said we should have said something, apparently he never gets recognized!

A funny story we were told at the party, happened when Elyse and Jamil went down to walk the exhibition floor on the Thursday. They wandered over to the Stargate booth, and were taking in all the sights, when one of the people hired to man the booth came over. The booth person wanted to know if they would enter a contest to win a guest role on the show! Too funny. It can only happen now, before the show has aired. Next year there won't be able to wander the floor without causing an incident!

I took tons of photo's, and I'm sorry to those who follow me on twitter, but I practically spammed tweets with pictures from all over Comic-con. Here are some of my favorite moments.

--Can you see my dreamy stunned look?

Anyhow, now all that excitement is over, it's back to some serious work starting phase two of the site next week.


ps. Love this video talking about Children of the Gods. I always hated the way they introduced the Samantha Carter character, turns out I'm not alone!

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Elyse said...

Hey, neat entry! I've been following your twitter, Flickr, etc. Great photos!!

Maybe one day I'll get to a San Diego Comic Con. Heard they doubled the entry fee for next year. Yikes!